Whitehorse Co-Ed Slo-Pitch Softball League

Rules and Regulations

Current Rules

  1. All games are to start at 6:45 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. respectively. If a team cannot field a team at game time, both teams will agree on a designated watch as the official time, and a default will be declared after 5 minutes of game start time. A team can start with 8 players, and add the 9th player at any time. A 10th player can be put on the Line-up, and if they are not present before their first “At Bat”, they will be moved to the Sub list. There will be an “Automatic Out” in that position for the remainder of the game.
  2. If a team starts with only 8 or 9 players (Rule 1), that team may play with more males than females in the line-up and on the field. 1 or 2 “Automatic Outs” will be in effect for the rest of that game, unless a ninth player can be added. Then there would only be 1 out for the rest of the game. A team may have any uneven number of players, as long as 2 males do not bat back to back. The only time 2 males may bat back to back, is when the “Automatic Out” is enforced in between.
  3. Only One male and/or One female pick up can be used, to avoid a forfeit, or to fill a roster of 10 players, if a team is short of players. Players are not to be picked up to make a roster of more than 10 players. Player/s must be registered with Softball Yukon. Players may be picked up from any division during the regular season. A male player can be picked up as the 5th Male, even if there are more than 5 rostered females present.
  4. Umpires will only be paid for games scheduled for them by the umpire league scheduler. Umpires will be reimbursed their umpire exam fee once they have umped 10 league games. 
  5. Line-up cards will be used for all Co-Ed games and Tourneys. Pick up players must be identified on all Line-up cards with an (*) asterisks, and the initials “P/U”.
  6. Modified Substitution rule: The SPN substitution rule will apply, with the exception that a substitute, will be allowed to re-enter the game in any position (male for male, or female for female or male), in the event of an injury to a player.
  7. The 12” Softball will be used for Male batters. The 11” Softball will be used for Female batters. Both the Home team and the Visiting team will supply game balls; 1 of each type, in good condition. A team that hits a ball off of the playing surface (Fair or Foul) will replace the Ball. Teams are asked not to mark the balls with Pen. Excessive markings will be at the discretion of the Umpire.
  8. If an Umpire doesn’t show up, the Home team will supply one umpire for the plate and the visiting team will supply the base umpire. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of two (2) points against the offending team unless agreed upon before the start of the game.
  9. Maximum 10 run limit per inning, with the exception of the last inning which is open (must be started within game time). If the 10th run scores while play is still going on, then “Time” is called, and that half of the inning is over. The only way more than 10 runs can be scored is on an “Out of the Park” home-run.
  10. The Umpire does not have to call “Open or Last Inning”. If time runs out, the full inning will be completed, if the home team needs to bat. When asked, an umpire will provide the time, to when no new inning will start. No new innings to start after 8:00 (early game) and 9:30 (late game) unless there is a tie. In regular season play, if a game is tied after 7 or less full innings, the “Tie breaker” rule is to be used for 1 (one) inning only. If the game is still tied, it remains a tie, and teams will get 1 point each in the standings. The 1 hour and 15 minute game time, starts at the time the game was scheduled and not when the game actually started. The exception to this is when the next game is delayed by an Umpire who is late, or if the previous game has been extended past the start time.
  11. Both teams must E-mail the game score to league@whsecoed.ca. Both teams will lose two (2) points if they don’t report the score, before 9:00 am the following day. Also mention if an umpire didn’t show.
  12. After Registration day, no Money will be taken to Sport Yukon. Players must pay and sign with an Executive member. If a non-registered player is seen playing in a game, that player will be suspended for the season, subject to appeal. Players fees are $80 each. Players may play up or down a division as a cross over however they do not receive a discounted player fee and are required to pay $80 per team. 
  13. The Co-Ed League has adopted a “Fair Play” and “Sportsmanship” policy. The league Executive and Directors will review all incidents upon receiving the written report within a reasonable time.
  14. Banned Bats: Any player caught using an illegal bat during a game, or after the game is over, will be suspended indefinitely pending review.
  15. All teams are now required to provide a $50.00 “Performance Bond” to the league at the start of the season. This will be used to cover fines for defaulted games, and will be returned at the end of the season, if the team is in good standing. If a Bond is used to cover a fine, then it must be topped up (replaced) within one week.
  16. Any team that defaults a game, will be fined $50.00, unless they communicate to the league league@whsecoed.ca by noon on the day of the game, then the fine will be reduced to $25.00. To avoid a fine, a team must ask to be excluded from the schedule in advance of the schedule being built.
  17. If a team is forced to go down to 8 or 9 players, due to an injury, there will be an “Automatic out” in that position for the reminder of the game. The game is not over due to forfeit.
  18. “Home Run Rule” – Recent changes to the SPN rulebook, removed the “Match +” rule. The Whse CoEd league has adopted the Match + 2 rule for all divisions. Passed at the 2011 AGM.
  19. Tournament play rosters are frozen. If a player plays for a team that is not their own and it is questioned by the opposing team the team with the illegal player must now continue the tournament with the team they played on illegally and cannot play on their original team.

Housekeeping Rules:

  1. No children are allowed on the field during the game, except for a qualified bat-person.
  2. No smoking on the fields. This includes the umpires.
  3. Absolutely no Alcohol is to be brought to the Complex. Expulsion from the league may result.
  4. There will be no hard alcohol allowed by any Teams or Spectators in any ball park.
  5. The Co-Ed League will honor any suspensions handed out to players from other leagues.

Rules for the Senior Teams

  1. Players ages: Males must be 55 and older. Females must be 45 and older.
  2. Seniors can play with a minimum roster of 7 male & 3 female.
  3. No more than 3 males may bat in a row.
  4. Any addition after roster of 10 must be 1 and 1 of each sex. (eg: 8 & 4, 9 & 5, etc.)
  5. They can play more females in the lineup if required (eg: 6 & 4 or 5 & 5, etc.)
  6. A minimum of 3 Females must be on the field defensively at all times.
  7. Courtesy runners may be used 3 times per game, but must be a different runner each time.
Other Rules and Regulations

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